Circle of Champs

Helping people is at the heart of the Y.

Circle of Champs is a program dedicated to improving the quality of life for children who have been touched by life-threatening illness.  Circle of Champs helps children by providing fun activities and events throughout the year.

But more than a party or visit to a football game, Circle of Champs offers children and their families the chance to come together to share their experiences within the strong, supportive community that is the Capital District YMCA.

A Unique Approach

What makes Circle of Champs special is its focus on the needs of each child's family.  We understand that a child's illness affects the entire family.  This approach gives children and those in their lives the chance to spend fun time together when they need support the most.

For more information about Circle of Champs call 518.869.3500 or download our brochure.