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  • Easter Sweets & Treats

    It Easter weekend. A time when sugary treats are plentiful and temptation to indulge is at a high. Before reaching to the bowl of jeallybeans, chocolate bunnies and peeps take a minute to read below and learn the calories in some of your Easter favorites and how much activity is needed to burn off those treats.
    •Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Serving Size: 1 egg (1.2 oz or 34 g), Calories: 170, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 18g, Protein: 4g
    •Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny Serving Size: 31 g (1/5th of product), Calories: 170, Fat: 11g, Carbs: 16g, Protein: 2g
    •Cadbury Solid Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs Serving Size: 12 pieces, Calories: 190, Fat: 8g, Carbs: 28g, Protein: 2g
    •Peeps Marshmallow Chicks Serving Size: 5 chicks, Calories: 140, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 36g, Protein: 1g
    •Gourmet Jelly Beans Serving Size: 35 pieces, Calories: 140, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 37g, Protein: 0g
    **Don’t see your favorites listed? Check out a complete listing at:
    If you chose to eat 2 Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs and a half a cup of Jelly Beans throughout the day you will have consumed nearly 500-600 calories on sugary treats. Be ready to plan ahead by counteracting those calories with activity. To burn those 600 calories here are some activity suggestions:
    ·         An hour long game of recreational basketball
    ·         A 45 minute spin session will burn approximately 500-600 calories
    ·         An hour of jogging
    ·         45 minutes of jumping  rope
    ·         120 lunges (each with a 3 second hold)
    It’s important not deny yourself the treats you enjoy but to instead use moderation when it comes to choosing foods that are high in sugar and have little to no nutritional value.

    Have a Happy Easter!

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  • Resolve that 2014 will be YOUR year for reaching your goals

    Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book: write a good one and make it a best seller!


    New Year’s Day for many is a fresh start, a promise to recommit to goals. On this day we all identify something that is important to us that will be our focus for improvement in the upcoming year.


    The top ten resolutions most Americans make are:


    ·      Lose Weight

    ·      Volunteer to help others

    ·      Quit smoking

    ·      Further their education

    ·      Get a better job

    ·      Get fit

    ·      Eat healthier

    ·      Manage stress better

    ·      Get out of debt

    ·      Take a trip

    ·      Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

    ·      Drink less alcohol


    When making resolutions, in order to be successful, it is important to have short term and long term goals. Celebrate your milestones along the way. Don't get discouraged if you do not see immediate results. If you have a setback don’t give up, instead recognize that tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get back on track.


    Three tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions and reach your 2014 goals are:


    1. Make sure it is YOUR goal and not someone else’s. It has to fit with your values and have meaning to you in order to be a priority. Don’t make a goal based on something you think others would want you to do.

    2. Limit the number of goals and changes you can handle at one time. Focus on small changes – no more than two to three at a time.

    3. Be specific and have a plan. Figure out what you want and hope to accomplish, then create a realistic action plan.


    From all of us at the Capital District YMCA we wish you a happy and prosperous 2014 and sincerely thank you for being part of our YMCA family. 









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  • Helpful Holiday Eating Tips

    The 2013 holiday season is upon us. At this time of year we will be presented with high caloric food choices and those choices are often plentiful!
    For many, the holidays can often bring on added stress and the consumption of extra calories.
    Below are some helpful tips to take into consideration to help keep off those unwanted pounds:

    • It’s easy to overeat when you eat too fast. Slow down the pace of eating. Chew each bite 10 to 20 times and focus on the first three bites. Taste buds become increasingly desensitized with each subsequent bite. Eat better, eat for nutritional purposes and make healthier choices.
    • Maintain your exercise program. To shift your metabolism into high gear, weight training is your best bet. For each pound of muscle you gain, you’ll burn up to 35 more calories per day.
    • A pound of muscle takes up much less space on your body than a pound of fat.
    • Watch portion sizes. It takes 3,500 calories to create a pound of fat.
    • Burn more calories than you take in! The basic rule is to eat fewer calories while being more physically active.
    • Curb your appetite. Drink a glass of water or some tea just before a meal.
    • An easy way to get started exercising is to strap on a pedometer and go for a walk, then work on increasing your mileage from one week to    the next. Also, it is a great idea to use that pedometer while you are shopping!
    Most importantly, this is a special time of year and should be enjoyed with family and friends. Spend your calories wisely by choosing moderate portions of your favorite holiday dishes. Eat a variety of healthy foods, including vegetables, fruits, grains and lean protein. An occasional indulgence should not derail weight loss efforts, however, keep in mind that the extra pounds that the average American puts on during the holidays tends to stay with them permanently.
    From all of us at the Capital District YMCA, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Slam Dunk Diabetes with NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins

    Please join us at the Healthy Living Center, 900 Central Ave, Albany on Monday November 25 as we welcome NBA great and Diabetes Ambassador Dominique Wilkins.


    Mr. Wilkins lives with type 2 diabetes and is an advocate for the promotion of physical activity and a healthy diet to help in the prevention of diabetes.  He will be at the Healthy Living Center from 12:45-1:15pm to give a brief presentation followed by audience questions and answers.


    Seating is limited, please register by clicking on the direct link below.®event_action=register&event_id=522 


    Dominique Wilkins is a member of the NBA All-rookie Team in 1983, the high flying 6’8” forward was named to seven All-NBA teams and nine consecutive All-Star squads and is a two-time winner of the NBA Slam-Dunk Championship. He is the Atlanta Hawks’ all-time franchise leader in both scoring and steals.

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